Daytona Bike Week '05


What an adventure once again! My Daytona bike week cherry had been popped last year (see my Daytona '04 writeup here), so the amazing cultural soup that is bike week didn't taste quite as strange this year. Due to crappy weather early in the week, we cut our trip short- two days less than last year... and the difference showed on our odometers. Many of the themes that were apparent last year held true this year... bikers wear black... bikers come in all shapes, sizes and colors... love of the road trumps the brand name horse that you ride... biker babes love to show their junk... etc. Yes, I still believe that a large percentage of bike week participants aren't into bikes at all - they are there to observe or participate in the mass freak show on wheels!

Some noticeable differences this year?

Well, enough rambling again... you just want to see the pictures anyway, right? Just a note before you click - there are a LOT of NWF (Not Work Friendly) pics in here - so if you're offended by boobs, assless chaps and other parts or will get into trouble, please DON'T click here!

Daytona '05 Pics

By the way, all text and pics are copyright 2005 by jca at lugnutz dot com, or my two cohorts this year Adam Perez and Greg Sluder.