Daytona Bike Week '04


What an adventure. My first bike week was much like I would imagine Mardi Gras to be... but with motorcycles. Lots of motorcycles. And tattoos. Overall I guess I shouldn't be too suprised by it all, but I must say it wasn't quite exactly what I expected. First - the whole event was very voyeuristic: lots of older guys standing around gawking and documenting a handful of scantily clad women. I'd say that in attendance was probably 80% men and 20% women. 2% attractive women with non-saggy boobs. I'd also guess that of all the people present, probably 5% really don't like bikes at all, but are there to enjoy the carefree atmosphere of bikeweek to revel in their leather fetish or to release their inner exhibitionist that has to be bottled up by conformity the other 51 weeks of the year. Bike week is truly a freak show for everyone.

Other than the above points, there are several key observations that become obvious to anyone paying attention:

Well, that's about it for the obvious observations... guess it's time for what you really came to see - the pictures. Just a note before you click - there are a LOT of NWF (Not Work Friendly) pics in here - so if you're offended by boobs and other parts or will get into trouble, please don't click here!

jca at lugnutz

Daytona Pics