Daytona Bike Week


Leather. Denim. Chrome. Every Spring over a half a million bikers shed their winter dust to converge on the Mardi Gras of the great Sunshine State of Florida... it's time for Daytona Bike Week once again!

Assless chaps, bewbee flashing, whale tail thongs peeking out of tight Levis: whatever your fetish, you can probably find it at Bike Week. The warm weather brings them out in droves, like butterflies breaking out of their cocoons. There are the exhibitionists - those hooked on the thrill of a captive audience; then there is the audience of mostly middle aged men who's voyeuristic nature fuels the engine of Bike Week.

There is no judgement here. There is surprisingly very little confrontation. There is lots of camaraderie. There is lots of food and booze. There is lots of good music. Oh yeah, there is also the common thread of motorcycles; we can't forget about that. :) It's a great time that you really have to experience to appreciate.

Follow the links to writeups and pictures for our adventures at Bike Week. Please NOTE that there are lots of bewbs, butts, exposed body parts, girls getting freaky while oil wrestling, syrup wrestling, serving drinks, dancing on bars, flashing their naughty bits, etc. If you're sensitive to that kind of thing or are at work - please DON'T follow the links. This stuff is generally NOT WORK FRIENDLY (NWF) and not for the easily offended. All images and text contained on this web site are copyright © 2003-2008 by, all rights reserved. Enjoy!

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